Put Yourself Out There – Add Subscription Boxes with Feedburner

Add subscription boxes to your articles.

Subscription boxes are easier than they appear.

I recently read an article that pointed out the importance of developing an email list.  The author pointed out several behavior patterns of readers and emphasized the placement of subscription boxes in places they are most likely to get follow through.  You can read the article here. If you are not already concerned about well placed subscription boxes, after you read the article, I promise you will be.

Word Press has widgets that you can put on the side of your blog to enable people to subscribe, but if you may be looking for something that does a little more.   When you want to put subscription boxes within your articles or on an external website those Word Press widgets are useless.

There is a solution with Feedburner.  There are plenty of other subscription sites out there, but Feedburner is very user friendly and easy to manage.  One of the things I like best is that you can create customized widgets to display your most recent posts.  Of course you can also incorporate a box on your side bar, inside your articles or wherever.

Here is a Headliner graphic from my main site, merchantkitty.com

Merchant Kitty

So you can see that it shows the most recent posts and it also allows readers to subscribe.  Feedburner also allows you to customize your boxes to, and it is not just limited to a headliner like this.  They have regular subscription boxes as well.

When you first sign up, you will be asked to give the url of your blog and it walks you through the process.  When you are done, make sure you enable email subscriptions so your readers can subscribe by email.  Then you click the publicize tab to create your box.

Once you have created your box and activated it, the next screen will create your code.  I like to select “just give me the code” which generates a basic html code.  I uncheck the “grab it” box and just paste it into your blog.  Easy peasy!

So check out feedburner,

But before you do, subscribe to my blog!

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How great is that?!

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